Summer Mixed XI
Sat 08 Jun 2024
Brighton & Sussex Uni Medics
South Saxons Hockey Club
Summer Mixed XI
C Merison (6'), J Busbridge (20')
'Shoegate' was the highlight of Medics friendly.

'Shoegate' was the highlight of Medics friendly.

Paul Merison9 Jun - 09:18
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'Turbo' Dyas loses his 'sole'

An early start and some squad members down through holidays and illness, Saxons travelled to Falmer for a friendly encounter with Brighton and Sussex University Medics.

Saxons made a strong start with some good passing and movement pinning the medics in their own half. Persistence paid off on 6 minutes when a well struck penalty corner from Caitlin Merison sent the ball crashing against the backboard.

The Medics put pressure on from the restart and Saxons became untidy in possession and dropped their guard, putting the Saxons defensive line under pressure. The reliable Sutton 'the cat' was called into action to keep the Medics out.

Saxons re grouped and pushed forward. 'Turbo' Dyas received the ball on the half way line and turned his marker, his sudden change in speed and direction was too much for his astros and he crashed to the ground with the soles hanging off at such an acute angle one of the medics thought he had snapped his ankle. A flurry of DOTD votes were being lined up as Harry Dyas left the field in search of a replacement pair.

On 20 minutes a driving run forward from Whiteman and slick passing move involving Stuart, Waters and Abi Merison found Busbridge, who calmly slotted past the Medics keeper to secure a second goal.

At the half time whistle the score was 0-2 to Saxons.

The second half again involved a high press by Saxons. With some good periods of passing seeing Deaves, Dyas, Jacobs and Busbridge all denied by the Medics back line.

On 68 minutes a break away counter attack from the Medics resulted in an untidy tackle and a penalty corner. A strike, from arguably the Medics best player, bounced towards the Saxons goal and found the backboard.

The Medics pushed hard for an equaliser. Saxons struggled to capitalise on their lead and the game ended 1-2 to Saxons.

A enjoyable outing that left the Medics keen for a rematch. Watch this space for a 'Go Fund Me' link for new Astros for Dyas!

Saxons: M. Sutton, D Waters, C.Merison, O. Cornelius, L. Whiteman, O. Stuart, A.Merison, H. Dyas, E. Jacobs, J. Busbridge, F. Deaves, P. Merison (c).

DOTD: H. Dyas
POTM: J Busbridge and A Merison

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Sat 08 Jun 2024



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Meet at University of Sussex - Falmer Sports Complex
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